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Best Paper (STEM)
Sayaka Nagano (Protective Effect of Genistein as Antioxidant, Included in Natto, on Yeast Cell Viability)

Best Presentation (STEM) –
Momoka Kobayashi (Effects of Molar Ratio and Hardness of Glyptal, the Value-Added Product of the Production of Biofuels)

Honorable Mention (STEM) –
Reika Shimomura (Investigation on the Time Taken per Cycle and 100m Breaststroke Record)

Best Paper (Humanities / Social Sciences)
Stefan Mead (An Exploration of the Effects of Alternate Realities on One’s Identity.)

Best Presentation (Humanities / Social Sciences)
Kai Kurosu (The Acquisition of Formal and Informal Political Power in the United States and Japan)

Honorable Mention (Humanities / Social Sciences)
Masao Kawasaki (TPP11 and the Economic Revitalization of Rural Japan: The Effect of Culture and Consumer Preferences on Demand for Domestic Food Products)